Artist’s Statement

Bird and Locust





The characteristics of rugged desert landscapes have influenced my perspective of human evolutionary adaptations. Environment that demand an intentional drive to survive coerce instinctive behaviors and challenge rational decisions. Within our complex world involving human reason tucked behind emotions and intuition, I examine the moments when those conditions collide. In my current series of work titled Stratum, I explore the driving force behind emotion and the motivation to react. Like a ripple of one raindrop into a puddle, the energy from one thing will always affect another.


By creating a dialog between human perspective and the biological balance displayed in nature, I formulate a narration layered within glass. I have no interest in attempting to capture a moment in time. My work simply asks you to pause and observe the relationships within each story.  I want to draw a visual connection to the dialog between everything, even if unseen such as energy, time or emotion. I want you to understand the importance of your affect on all things.


I am a visual artist, but not only.  I don’t limit myself through mediums though I am continually drawn to glass because of its complexity. Glass as a material is strong, fragile, sensitive, transparent and dangerous. These traits reflect in the concepts of my sculpture by showing the conflicted relationship between human perspective and our animal behaviors.  The clarity and optical qualities of clear glass provide a canvas that can be dimensionally distorted and layered in depth to emphasize the parallels between these worlds. I show this through a detailed construction of organic imagery and repurposed materials to relate how individual emotion affects all things. I create a place that lends itself for an examination of physical components alongside my observations.


Welcome to my world.